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For over twelve years, Two Rivers Meats has been proudly supplying local, quality meat to restaurants, retailers, chefs and everyone in between.

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Beefway Meats was established in 1967. The original location for Beefway was on Kingsway before it moved to Main and 50th in 1978. Beefway remained on Main and 50th until 1984 when Beefway again moved to the location it is at now. Beefway has always taken pride in being a "Traditional Butcher Shop" where whole carcasses are brought in and broken down the traditional way. This way of breaking down beef and pork is a dying art as all chain stores are now buying boxed products directly from the packing plant. Beefway still takes pride in cutting in-house where we can keep a close eye on the quality of all our products. 

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